Secretary of State Receives 800,000 Signatures For Casino In Ohio

The people of Ohio want a new proposed casino and they have made themselves heard. Over 800,000 people put their signatures on a proposed casino and the signatures were delivered to the Secretary of State in Ohio on Tuesday. MyOhioNow led the drive for the signatures in favor of a proposed casino in Clinton County. Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner was delivered the signatures, plenty more than the required number to have a question put on the November ballot. If the voters approve the casino, it could have major ramifications for the state. The revenue that it would produce would be a boost to a budget that is struggling with funds. It also would create 5,000 jobs. The jobs could be significant in these tough economic times. All of the jobs would pay at least $15 an hour, and would come with full benefits. The benefits are another advantage due to the state of health care in the nation. The casino being proposed is a $600 million project. Although they secured the signatures, MyOhioNow knows that there will be opposition to the new casino from outside the state. Florida And Texas Lottery’s Looking For A Jackpot Winner Play Marvel Slots at Playboy Casino! On most weekends, it is the big multi-state lottery’s that get the attention of the country. They are usually the ones with the highest payouts. Today, however, while the Powerball Lottery is drawing for only $20 million, the states of Florida and Texas will wait and see if anyone can come up with the winning numbers for higher jackpots. The Florida Lotto game is currently the highest jackpot for any individual state lottery. The $25 million grand prize is even higher than the current Powerball jackpot. Over in Texas, their drawing is similar to the one in the Sunshine State. Lotto Texas has a jackpot for tonight’s drawing of $24 million. No other individual state lottery is even above $10 million tonight. The Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries have both been the spotlight of the lottery this year. They both have had consistent jackpots that have been up around $100 million. Mega Millions is on their way back towards that figure after nobody won o0n Friday. Their jackpot will be $56 million for the next draw which will take place on Tuesday.

Sands Gains Casino Support Signatures For Wyandotte, Kansas

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation has been successful in placing casinos around the United States. they are currently pursuing building one in Wyandotte County in Kansas. The company brought a list of 5,000 signatures to the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas, on Wednesday morning. The list held the signatures of residents that were in favor of the company securing the casino bid for the county. Wyandotte is one of the counties that has the rights to a casino from the Kansas Expanded Lottery Act of last year. Six proposals have been submitted and remain for the county. The Sands had two proposals in for the casino, but has been waiting for the local endorsement that was required. It was originally decided that the local endorsements had to be delivered by December 31st. That changed, however, when state lottery officials decided the endorsements just had to be in before May 27th. That date is when the proposals will have to go before the Gaming Facility Review Board. There is still a challenge going on in the state Supreme Court regarding the casino expansion. No decision has come down on that challenge as of yet. Two new proposals have been submitted by the sands Corporation for review. Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot Will Not Reach Record This Time Play Now at Las Vegas Casino! The mega Millions lottery jackpot has become very popular in 2008. The jackpot has grown to almost record numbers and has payed out big time for lucky winners. Once again this week, the jackpot appeared headed towards one of those larger than life numbers. It had grown to $135 million. That is as far as it will get, however. The latest drawing of the lottery was Tuesday night. The hopes were that nobody would match all five numbers plus the Mega Ball. Those hopes were not to be. A winning ticket was sold in Detroit, Michigan. More specifically, the ticket was sold at a Wayne County Redford Township gas station. “Congratulations to Michigan’s newest millionaire. We look forward to presenting you with your check,” said Scott Bowen, state lottery Commissioner. The winning numbers from the Tuesday drawing were 4-17-26-46-56, and the Mega Ball number was 25. The winner now has the choice of being paid one lump sum, which would equate to $84.1 million after taxes, or receive an annual payment for 26 years.

Sands Casino Proposal Turned Down in Kansas Again

Big time Las Vegas casino companies often use their clout from Sin City to help them gain advantages when trying to build new casinos around the country. Most have an ever present assumption that because they have been successful in Las Vegas, they can parlay that success into other areas. Las Vegas Sands Corporation has found out in Kansas that they must still follow rules. The Sands Corporation has been pursuing one of the new casino licenses in Kansas. They have submitted two new proposals to both Edwardsville, and Kansas City, Kansas. This coming after they have already been turned down once. Now they have been turned down for a second time. Commissioners from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County turned away the Sands proposal by a vote of 9-1. The commissioners seemed intent on proving a point to Sands. Others vying for the same casino license were reassured by the decision. “It is extremely troubling to see this diligent and demanding approval process undermined by a certain applicant who is asking to be exempted from the process to which each of the other proposals was subject, expecting to be endorsed even though it was already considered and denied, and long after the deadlines established by the Unified Government have passed,” said Legends Sun LLC, in a statement. Sands now only clings to the hope that Edwardsville will endorse their proposed $777 million casino. New Vegas Style Slots Have Seminoles Ruling Gambling in Florida Play Now at Rushmore Casino! When the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida, was built, it was going to be tough for other casinos in the area to succeed. Now that the casino has added Vegas style slots, competing has become nearly impossible. The Seminoles have drawn themselves up quite a compact with the state of Florida. They already were at the top of the casino industry in South Florida. The addition of Vegas style slots has just put them in an unbeatable position when it comes to revenue. The Hard Rock has always been packed with customers. In addition to the slots and poker, it also offered many dining experiences, and live entertainment. All of that alone, had the casino at the top of the casino chain in the area. Add to that, the soon to be blackjack and baccarat offerings, and expansion at the Coconut Creek location, and the result could be an eventual monopoly on gambling in the area. “It was already cool to come down here and hang out. Now, with the additional gambling options I have, we will be here much more often,” said Tim Sclobel, a patron at the Hard Rock. Other casinos at pari mutual locations have been struggling to stay above water. they are paying high taxes, and are hurt each time the Seminoles are able to offer something they cannot.

Salvation Army In New Zealand No Longer Accepting Gambling Money

The Salvation Army in New Zealand has started their search to replace hundreds of thousands of dollars that was being donated from the gambling industry. They have revealed they will no longer be accepting donations from the industry. The move comes after the Salvation Army of New Zealand decided they were not happy with the way that gambling has been affecting society. They point to various reports of gambling addiction problems as their source for their information. “We won’t be taking any money where the profits come directly from the gambling industry…that’s not to say we aren’t grateful for the support that’s been given,” said Campbell Roberts, the Social Services National Director for the Salvation Army. In the past, the Salvation Army has taken money received from the gambling industry, and used it to help treat people with gambling addictions. As the Salvation Army has seen an increase in the number of cases they treat, they have become more aware of the potential devastation gambling brings. Although they have created this new policy, it did not stop them from accepting two grants worth $47,000 from the Invercargill Licensing Trust Foundation. The Foundation is in charge of releasing money from the gambling industry to the Salvation Army. The money was accepted, the Army claims, because it was distributed before they made their decision no longer to accept gambling money. American Idol Resumes Tonight With Pressure On Mercado And White American Idol is back live again tonight, and the pressure is mounting on several of the contestants. With only the top six remaining, each move by the contestants will be heavily scrutinized by the judges and the voters. Two people who have an extra amount of pressure this week are Brooke White and Seisha Mercado. The two ladies were in the bottom three last week, and will try to perform their way out tonight. For David Cook and David Archuleta, the night should be a little less stressful. The two male vocalists have stolen the spotlight over the past few weeks, and should need nothing more than an average performance to stay clear of the bottom three. Carly Smithson and Jason Castro are sort of the bubble contestants this year. The two have both been in the bottom three at times, while at other times have performed like stars. Their performance tonight will be crucial to their chances of staying in the competition. The show will air live tonight on FOX at 8:00 P.M.. The music of Andrew Lloyd Webber will be featured.

Salvation Army In America Not Restricting Donations From Gambling Industry

In a recent article we reported that The Salvation Army would no longer be accepting money from organizations within the gambling industry. We would like to correct the previous article and report that it was not the entire Salvation Army that was rejecting the funds. The policy was put in place for Salvation Army units in New Zealand, not in the United States. In the U.S., the stance of The Salvation Army is not clearly defined. “Currently, The Salvation Army in the United States does not have a specific policy restricting or endorsing the acceptance of donations from any industry,” according to a representative from The Salvation Army National Headquarters. The United States Salvation Army, as well as the New Zealand Salvation Army “territories” are part of the international organization, they are not governed by the same rules. The organizations run independently, and while The Salvation Army in New Zealand has made changes to their policies and are no longer accepting money from gambling organizations, the policies of the United States Salvation Army have not changed. The gambling industry is a partner of local Salvation Army units in communities in the U.S., and will not be severing ties with those partners now or in the future. We would like to apologize for any confusion we might have created by our previous article, and we hope this article clears up any misconceptions. Gambling Industry In Illinois Drops Ball On 24 Hour Casinos The nine casinos in Illinois have been lobbying for expanded casino gambling hours. The state Gaming Board decided last week to consider the idea. When the time came, the casinos did not provide the necessary statistics to support their case. The casinos had been saying that the expanded hours would bring in increased revenue for the state. That was the basis of asking the Board to consider the move. They did not come through on their end, however, with proof. “The industry was not able to tell the board how much more income and tax revenue would be generated by staying open 24 hours,” said Gene O’Shea, spokesman for the Gaming Board. he went on to say that the Board could not move forward with this issue without some indication of what it would be worth to the state. The casinos could have made a major blunder by not having the information readily available. Profits are already decreasing due to several factors, and the added hours could have help offset some of those losses. The industry, while not prepared to make their case, still was disappointed by the decision. “It would have been nice if they would have granted it. It might have reversed some of what we’ve seen this year,” said Finance Director Brian Caputo. It would have helped the state with their budget deficit, but without knowledge of how much the expanded hours would have helped, it was impossible for the Board to move forward with the plan.

Russian Casino Ban Could Be Delayed Until 2014

The Russian government has in place a plan that would move existing casino operations to more remote parts of the country. The move was set to go into place before June of 2009. That plan may now be delayed. Since announcing the plan, the government has received non stop requests from the industry, asking for an extension on the June deadline to move. Up until now, the government has held strong on their stance, but that could be changing. The lobbying efforts of the casino industry may just get the extension they are looking for. One of the ideas that is being tossed around is using the infrastructure from Sochi for a new gambling zone. The infrastructure is being built in anticipation of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The only areas where gambling would be legal should the law go into effect on time by June, 2009, would be, the Primorie District, the Rostov and Krasnodar regions on the Black Sea, the Altai Republic, and the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad. The plan was passed by legislators back in 2006, with all intentions of the law going into effect by June, 2009. Florida Lottery Jackpot Continues To Grow, Up To $32 Million The Florida lottery has followed the example of several other states when it comes to new lottery games. One of their more popular new games is one in which tickets are sold for twenty dollars, then on a pre-chosen day, winners are announced. While the new games are trendy, old reliable is still the top money maker in the state. This week, people will be standing in line to buy tickets for the Lotto game that has seen the jackpot rise to $32 million. The $32 million jackpot will be the state’s second largest this year. Back in February, the jackpot grew to $37 million before it was won. The next drawing for the $32 million will be Wednesday. The figure that is announced is based on a payout over thirty years. Should the winner decide they want one lump sum, they would receive a little over half of the announced number. Saturday was the last drawing for the Lotto game, but nobody matched all six winning numbers. The winning numbers were 13,23,31,33,35,and 38. 116 people matched five of the numbers. They will receive $4,781 each.

Report Indicates World Gambling Revenue To Reach $155 Billion By 2012

The American government continues to close their eyes to the fact that gambling, whether it be online or in a casino, is fast growing industry. The business of gambling has now reached far beyond street corner bookies and has invaded the corporate world. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP report was released on Tuesday, and some of the information that was in the report was staggering. The report estimated that by 2012, the world’s gambling revenue will go beyond $155 billion. In the United States, which is the biggest gambling market in the world, is growing at four percent annually. In 2012, the revenue generated in the U.S. alone will be $73.3 billion. The next two years could be difficult for two of the United States’ prime gambling locations. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are both predicted by the report to drop in their revenue over the next two years. The mortgage crisis and rising gas prices are being blamed for the future decrease, according to Mary Lynn Palenik of PricewaterhouseCoopers. “It translates into fewer U.S. travelers,” she said. The fastest growing region in terms of gambling revenue currently is Asia Pacific. They have expanded their gambling options in Macau and also Thailand and Singapore. The estimate for 2012 for Asia Pacific is $73.3 billion. That will be up from $60.3 billion in 2007. Tribal casinos will also see an increase in their revenue from now until 2012. In 2007, their revenue figure was $26.5 compared to an estimated $33 billion in 2012. Sports betting is also rising at a rate of seven percent annually around the world.