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Russian Casino Ban Could Be Delayed Until 2014

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The Russian government has in place a plan that would move existing casino operations to more remote parts of the country. The move was set to go into place before June of 2009.

That plan may now be delayed. Since announcing the plan, the government has received non stop requests from the industry, asking for an extension on the June deadline to move.

Up until now, the government has held strong on their stance, but that could be changing. The lobbying efforts of the casino industry may just get the extension they are looking for.

One of the ideas that is being tossed around is using the infrastructure from Sochi for a new gambling zone. The infrastructure is being built in anticipation of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The only areas where gambling would be legal should the law go into effect on time by June, 2009, would be, the Primorie District, the Rostov and Krasnodar regions on the Black Sea, the Altai Republic, and the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad.

The plan was passed by legislators back in 2006, with all intentions of the law going into effect by June, 2009.

Florida Lottery Jackpot Continues To Grow, Up To $32 Million

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The Florida lottery has followed the example of several other states when it comes to new lottery games. One of their more popular new games is one in which tickets are sold for twenty dollars, then on a pre-chosen day, winners are announced.

While the new games are trendy, old reliable is still the top money maker in the state. This week, people will be standing in line to buy tickets for the Lotto game that has seen the jackpot rise to $32 million.

The $32 million jackpot will be the state’s second largest this year. Back in February, the jackpot grew to $37 million before it was won. The next drawing for the $32 million will be Wednesday.

The figure that is announced is based on a payout over thirty years. Should the winner decide they want one lump sum, they would receive a little over half of the announced number.

Saturday was the last drawing for the Lotto game, but nobody matched all six winning numbers. The winning numbers were 13,23,31,33,35,and 38. 116 people matched five of the numbers. They will receive $4,781 each.

World Gambling

Report Indicates World Gambling Revenue To Reach $155 Billion By 2012

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The American government continues to close their eyes to the fact that gambling, whether it be online or in a casino, is fast growing industry. The business of gambling has now reached far beyond street corner bookies and has invaded the corporate world.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP report was released on Tuesday, and some of the information that was in the report was staggering. The report estimated that by 2012, the world’s gambling revenue will go beyond $155 billion.

In the United States, which is the biggest gambling market in the world, is growing at four percent annually. In 2012, the revenue generated in the U.S. alone will be $73.3 billion.

The next two years could be difficult for two of the United States’ prime gambling locations. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are both predicted by the report to drop in their revenue over the next two years.

The mortgage crisis and rising gas prices are being blamed for the future decrease, according to Mary Lynn Palenik of PricewaterhouseCoopers. “It translates into fewer U.S. travelers,” she said.

The fastest growing region in terms of gambling revenue currently is Asia Pacific. They have expanded their gambling options in Macau and also Thailand and Singapore. The estimate for 2012 for Asia Pacific is $73.3 billion. That will be up from $60.3 billion in 2007.

Tribal casinos will also see an increase in their revenue from now until 2012. In 2007, their revenue figure was $26.5 compared to an estimated $33 billion in 2012. Sports betting is also rising at a rate of seven percent annually around the world.