Secretary of State Receives 800,000 Signatures For Casino In Ohio

waThe people of Ohio want a new proposed casino and they have made themselves heard. Over 800,000 people put their signatures on a proposed casino and the signatures were delivered to the Secretary of State in Ohio on Tuesday.

MyOhioNow led the drive for the signatures in favor of a proposed casino in Clinton County. Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner was delivered the signatures, plenty more than the required number to have a question put on the November ballot.

If the voters approve the casino, it could have major ramifications for the state. The revenue that it would produce would be a boost to a budget that is struggling with funds. It also would create 5,000 jobs.

The jobs could be significant in these tough economic times. All of the jobs would pay at least $15 an hour, and would come with full benefits. The benefits are another advantage due to the state of health care in the nation.

The casino being proposed is a $600 million project. Although they novoline automate secured the signatures, MyOhioNow knows that there will be opposition to the new casino from outside the state.

Florida And Texas Lottery’s Looking For A Jackpot Winner

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On most weekends, it is the big multi-state lottery’s that get the attention of the country. They are usually the ones with the highest payouts.

Today, however, while the Powerball Lottery is drawing for only $20 million, the states of Florida and Texas will wait and see if anyone can come up with the winning numbers for higher jackpots.

The Florida Lotto game is currently the highest jackpot for any individual state lottery. The $25 million grand prize is even higher than the current Powerball jackpot.

Over in Texas, their drawing is similar to the one in the Sunshine State. Lotto Texas has a jackpot for tonight’s drawing of $24 million. No other individual state lottery is even above $10 million tonight.

The Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries have both been the spotlight of the lottery this year. They both have had consistent jackpots that have been up around $100 million.

Mega Millions is on their way back towards that figure after nobody won o0n Friday. Their jackpot will be $56 million for the next draw which will take place on Tuesday.

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