Salvation Army In New Zealand No Longer Accepting Gambling Money

The Salvation Army in New Zealand has started their search to replace hundreds of thousands of dollars that was being donated from the gambling industry. They have revealed they will no longer be accepting donations from the industry.

The move comes after the Salvation Army of New Zealand decided they were not happy with the way that gambling has been affecting society. They point to various reports of gambling addiction problems as their source for their information.

“We won’t be taking any money where the profits come directly from the gambling industry…that’s not to say we aren’t grateful for the support that’s been given,” said Campbell Roberts, the Social Services National Director for the Salvation Army.

In the past, the Salvation Army has taken money received from the gambling industry, and used it to help treat people with gambling addictions. As the Salvation Army has seen an increase in the number of cases they treat, they have become more aware of the potential devastation gambling brings.

Although they have created this new policy, it did not stop them from accepting two grants worth $47,000 from the Invercargill Licensing Trust Foundation. The Foundation is in charge of releasing money from the gambling industry to the Salvation Army.

The money was accepted, the Army claims, because it was distributed before they made their decision no longer to accept gambling money.

American Idol Resumes Tonight With Pressure On Mercado And White

American Idol is back live again tonight, and the pressure is mounting on several of the contestants. With only the top six remaining, each move by the contestants will be heavily scrutinized by the judges and the voters.

Two people who have an extra amount of pressure this week are Brooke White and Seisha Mercado. The two ladies were in the bottom three last week, and will try to perform their way out tonight.

For David Cook and David Archuleta, the night should be a little less stressful. The two male vocalists have stolen the spotlight over the past few weeks, and should need nothing more than an average performance to stay clear of the bottom three.

Carly Smithson and Jason Castro are sort of the bubble contestants this year. The two have both been in the bottom three at times, while at other times have performed like stars. Their performance tonight will be crucial to their chances of staying in the competition.

The show will air live tonight on FOX at 8:00 P.M.. The music of Andrew Lloyd Webber will be featured.

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