Sands Casino Proposal Turned Down in Kansas Again

Big time Las Vegas casino companies often use their clout from Sin City to help them gain advantages when trying to build new casinos around the country.

Most have an ever present assumption that because they have been successful in Las Vegas, they can parlay that success into other areas. Las Vegas Sands Corporation has found out in Kansas that they must still follow rules.

The Sands Corporation has been pursuing one of the new casino licenses in Kansas. They have submitted two new proposals to both Edwardsville, and Kansas City, Kansas. This coming after they have already been turned down once.

Now they have been turned down for a second time. Commissioners from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County turned away the Sands proposal by a vote of 9-1. The commissioners seemed intent on proving a point to Sands.

Others vying for the same casino license were reassured by the decision. “It is extremely troubling to see this diligent and demanding approval process undermined by a certain applicant who is asking to be exempted from the process to which each of the other proposals was subject, expecting to be endorsed even though it was already considered and denied, and long after the deadlines established by the Unified Government have passed,” said Legends Sun LLC, in a statement.

Sands now only clings to the hope that Edwardsville will endorse their proposed $777 million casino.

New Vegas Style Slots Have Seminoles Ruling Gambling in Florida

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When the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida, was built, it was going to be tough for other casinos in the area to succeed. Now that the casino has added Vegas style slots, competing has become nearly impossible.

The Seminoles have drawn themselves up quite a compact with the state of Florida. They already were at the top of the casino industry in South Florida. The addition of Vegas style slots has just put them in an unbeatable position when it comes to revenue.

The Hard Rock has always been packed with customers. In addition to the slots and poker, it also offered many dining experiences, and live entertainment. All of that alone, had the casino at the top of the casino chain in the area.

Add to that, the soon to be blackjack and baccarat offerings, and expansion at the Coconut Creek location, and the result could be an eventual monopoly on gambling in the area.

“It was already cool to come down here and hang out. Now, with the additional gambling options I have, we will be here much more often,” said Tim Sclobel, a patron at the Hard Rock.

Other casinos at pari mutual locations have been struggling to stay above water. they are paying high taxes, and are hurt each time the Seminoles are able to offer something they cannot.

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